On April 22, the DePauw International Student Association (DISA) rolled out the red carpet for the highly anticipated International Formal of 2024. Held annually, this event serves as a celebration of cultural diversity and community of DePauw’s student body, welcoming students from all corners of the globe to come together for an evening of reflection and celebration. This year's International Formal, held in collaboration with J-Club, was decorated with a Hollywood and Red Carpet theme at Tiger Pointe, amazing its attendees with the beautiful scenery of the venue on a perfect spring day.

The formal attracted more than 100 participants, welcoming all students – both domestic and international. The highlight of the evening was the performances, with five talented individual and group performers taking the stage to showcase their singing and dancing skills. The lineup was as diverse as the student body itself, reflecting the inclusive cultures represented at DePauw University.

May Bui ‘27, a first-time participant in International Formal, excitedly shared: "I absolutely loved the International Formal! It was such a fantastic experience. Since I'm not involved in any Greek organizations, I never had the chance to attend a formal before, so being able to join DISA's event was truly special. The atmosphere was amazing, and I had a great time with my friends. The food was delicious, and it was a nice change from what we usually get in Greencastle. Everyone from DISA was incredibly helpful throughout the event, which made it even more enjoyable. Last but not least, the venue was stunning! The Hollywood and Red Carpet theme, along with the decorations and the location of the place, made for the perfect backdrop for many wonderful pictures. Overall, it was an unforgettable night!"

DePauw's faculty from the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) and International Student Affairs were also spotted at the International Formal, sharing meals with students and enjoying the night. Their presence was warmly received by students, as it not only demonstrated their support for international students but also represented the university’s dedication to supporting students in building a community and promoting acceptance of students coming from all backgrounds.

Speaking of the planning process for DISA, Melanie Nguyen ‘27 expressed, “The International Formal is one of the most important DISA events in the spring semester, so we spent a lot of time working so that people would enjoy their three hours at the event. Fortunately, the event turned out amazing - people were laughing, having good food, and taking pictures. As a DISA member, being able to see people having fun makes all of our efforts so worth it. Even though we encountered some logistics and technical difficulties, I think overcoming those difficulties as a team makes our memories together precious and unforgettable! Live, laugh, love DISA!”

In addition to the entertainment, DISA members took the opportunity to honor their president, Khanh Nguyen '24. As a graduating senior, Nguyen has spent her very first years with DISA and contributed immensely to the development of the organization. Nguyen's devotion to the organization was sincerely appreciated by all members. Furthermore, DISA shared their recent milestones with attendees, including winning the Organization of the Year award from the Center for Diversity and Inclusion and the Innovative Program of the Year for International Bazaar, an event that took place last semester.

As the final event of the academic year for DISA, International Formal '24 was a success. The intricate planning and efforts of the team have paid off, as the evening received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from attendees. With good memories made, the formal served as another evidence of the tight-knit community fostered by DISA.