Spring Break Escapes: How DePauw Students Spent Their Vacation


As the school year is picking up its pace again after Spring Break,  let's reflect on the diverse and exciting ways DePauw University students chose to spend their well-deserved time off. From sun-soaked beaches to outdoor adventures, DePauw students embraced the opportunity to unwind, explore, and create unforgettable memories with friends and family. Whether it was going on group trips, participating in service projects, or simply making time for some rest and relaxation, DePauw students made the most of their spring break in ways that truly reflect the spirit that defines the university community.

Amélie Donneff ‘26 described her break, noting, “I went on spring break to Georgia with my friend Reagan. I had an awesome time and we got to do a lot of neat things. We went to go see the musical Beetlejuice, see a waterfall, do some shopping, visit a small town called Blue Ridge Georgia, and stay in a cabin there, and much more!” Donneff continued, “even though we had a long drive to get to Georgia and back, it was a very chill break and we got to spend a lot of time relaxing, which is just what we needed! Coming back to school was somewhat difficult but I’m looking forward to many exciting events and a push for the rest of the semester!”

Ria Pokhrel ‘27 shared that she was happy to have had a much-needed break and is now ready to finish the remaining half of the semester: “I went to Madison, Wisconsin, with my Nepali friend.  As an international student who missed home dearly, I was lucky enough to stay with my friend’s family and eat Nepalese cuisine for an entire week. We made momos —which are traditional Nepalese dumplings—and just stayed up late watching a bunch of Bollywood movies and talking about life. It was really relaxing after a hectic week of midterms. Returning to campus after such a rejuvenating break leaves me with mixed emotions. I feel a bit sad leaving behind the comfort of home, but also excited to reunite with my other friends and enjoy the blooming trees around the campus.”

On another note, Giovanni Ferrari ‘27 had a different experience of break: "I decided to stay on campus and make the most of my time here. I hung out with friends, tackled some work for the semester, and even managed to catch up on internships and jobs. One highlight was a day trip to Indianapolis, where we indulged in delicious food and enjoyed a relaxing movie day. Overall, it was a simple but lovely break that left me feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the school year. As for coming back to DePauw, I felt surprisingly ready and motivated. The break gave me a chance to recharge and refocus, so I returned to campus feeling energized and prepared to dive back into my studies and extracurricular activities."

Moe Kikuchi ‘27 talked about her spring break: "Over spring break, I traveled to Los Angeles, California, with friends, and we had an amazing time exploring the city. Our favorite activities included visiting Little Tokyo, where we enjoyed authentic and delicious food, and watching the sunset at Santa Monica Beach. We also had a great time stargazing at Griffith Observatory. However, we faced some challenges with the airlines, as our flight back got canceled suddenly. Despite the setback, we made the most of it and took the opportunity to visit Las Vegas while we waited for alternative flights. Overall, it was a very fun trip filled with new experiences and quality time with friends.”

Kikuchi had the time of her life, which she could not have experienced without her friends. She shared that coming back to DePauw was a bit stressful, though she had anticipated the workload ahead. “Still,  I'm excited to tackle the challenges and get back into the swing of things." As a closing line, Moe advised fellow DePauw students to select airlines wisely.

DePauw students love traveling together! Several sports teams and Greek-house communities had a memorable getaway together. The softball team headed to Virginia Beach to enjoy the sandy shores and picturesque views, they also participated in some softball matches. The team bonded over shared experiences and had a fantastic time with teammates and family, creating lasting memories both on and off the field.

Meanwhile, the Lacrosse team went on an exciting trip to Colorado for their spring break, along with their parents. Surrounded by breathtaking mountain landscapes, the members shared about their wonderful time experiencing exhilarating outdoor activities Colorado has to offer. From hiking scenic trails to exploring charming towns, the team had an unforgettable adventure that strengthened their camaraderie and love for the sport.

DePauw students have hopefully had a chance to rest from their heavy work schedules. For those who live hours away from home, spring break serves as a precious chance to discover new destinations and recharge. The semester has gone by fast, and it's hard to believe we're already more than halfway done. Many students experience a high load of stress around this time of the year, so the break provides a much-needed opportunity for rejuvenation and relaxation as we gear up for the upcoming finals.