Monon is right around the corner, and by that, I mean it’s this weekend! Whether you’re on the football or cheer team, a mega Tigers fan or casual football enjoyer, at the game or at home- or are simply just in it for the vibes, a good playlist is crucial for getting hype and setting the mood for game day. Here are the songs I think need to be on your Monon hype and tailgate playlists:

“The Ballad of the Monon Bell” (1985 Version) by Nancy Charles and Darel Lindquist

You don’t just want this song on your Monon playlist, it needs to be on it.The song was released during Bell Week in 1985 and written by Nancy Charles ‘57 and Darel Lindquist ‘68. It was recorded by Jim Ibbotson ‘69 of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, which I think is pretty cool. “The Ballad of the Monon Bell” has everything you’d want in a game day anthem: it’s catchy (it stays stuck in my head year-round), it's bi-partisan (even Little Giants can enjoy it), it’s got some fun Monon Railway history (yay education!), all wrapped up in a twangy, country song.  The vibes are immaculate! My love for this song is unreal, I’ve listened to it on repeat every day since Halloween (I’m listening to it while writing this). The sense of school pride this song instills in me is unfathomable. I am in a constant state of ringing for Old DePauw. I don’t even follow football, but you better bet that I’m going to be the most hype Tiger fan around when this song plays. Anyway, if you haven’t already heard Delt blasting it the last couple of days, I recommend giving it a listen because you simply cannot have Monon without “The Ballad of the Monon Bell.” 

“We Will Rock You” by Queen

Any good game day playlist has this classic on it. It seems to perfectly say, “Our Tigers are going to absolutely rock the Little Giants to their core. They will not know what hit them.” Everyone knows the words to sing along, so it’s sure to get you excited and in the mood. Plus you can do the little stomp, stomp, clap dance along to it, and who doesn’t love crowd involvement? 

“We Are the Champions” by Queen

Another tailgate classic. You can never go wrong with Queen. It’s a victory anthem that the Tigers are sure to be singing on game day. You can play it before the game and call it manifesting, or you can call it a prediction (though it seems more like a given when our team is undefeated), or maybe you can just wait to play it until the bell is on its way back home to Greencastle after the game. It doesn’t matter when you play the song, just as long as you play it.

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

I feel like this one almost goes without saying. It’s an iconic  fight song, perfect for training to fight Clubber Lang or for getting ready to take on the Little Giants. It’s great for getting pumped up before kick-off and it was basically made for DePauw students since it’s about our mascot.

At least one AC/DC song

No tailgate playlist is complete without the sweet, sweet screeching of Brian Johnson (or Bon Scott, if you prefer him as the lead singer). There are a bunch of great options to add to your playlist. My personal recommendations are “Highway to Hell,” “Dirty Deeds,” “You Shook Me All Night Long,” “Back in Black,” and “Thunderstruck.” But I think “Hell’s Bells” is an especially good addition, since it’s on theme for the day. You can pick just one, or you can go the same route as me and pick them all, either way, AC/DC is a tailgate staple and their music is sure to have everyone rocking out.

A couple of frat anthems

I’m very much of the opinion that true tailgate playlists are primarily made up of dad rock. But, considering that most people getting hype for Monon will be under 23, I think it’s necessary to have a handful of modern classics to keep spirits high and get everyone in a party mood. Some of my personal favorites are “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers, “Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Cudi, “Doses and Mimosas” by Cherub, “Tongue Tied” by GROUPLOVE, and any Pitbull or Yung Gravy song. As long as it sets a fun and energetic vibe, it’s good for the playlist.

All in all, your playlist is totally up to you. If it gets you hyped, it’s a good playlist.“The Ballad of the Monon Bell” is a must add though.