Snapshot: Students hit the Statehouse to protest proposed immigration bill


TOP: Junior Jasmine Martinez, sophomores Areli Lopez, Yaritza Acosta and Hermes Grullon and senior Luis Paulino from DePauw stand in front of the Indianapolis Statehouse to oppose the proposed Senate Bill 590. If enacted, the legislation would allow police officers to confront anyone to ask for proof of documentation. Opponents claim the bill will allow government officials to unfairly profile and target individuals on the basis of race, while supporters argue the legislation is necessary to curb the problem of illegal immigration.

BOTTOM: A combination of DePauw students and other opponents of Senate Bill 590 march around the Indiana Statehouse. Nearly 100 people participated in the protest, including several DePauw faculty and staff. While marching, they passed by those in support for the bill. As protesters marched, they chanted, "Up with hope, down with hate, Hoosiers don't discriminate!" Tuesday's issue of The DePauw will have more an extensive story about this event.