Shots, Shots, Shots


This Friday, we are doing shots at the Lilly Center. All students 18+ will be eligible to receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the Lilly Center Friday, April 2. 

This is the moment we have been waiting for, for over a year at this point. Sign up to get a vaccine today. Get a vaccine on Friday!

DePauw University is collaborating with the Putnam County Health Department and Hendricks Regional Health to distribute the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to the campus and to the community. 

Wearing your mask, washing your hands, and keeping your distance are all important, but the vaccine offers a clear path back to normal. If you still are unsure about whether or not you want to get the vaccine, here are our reasons why you should. 

The more students who get vaccinated, the more freedoms we can advocate for as a student body. 

According to the Center for Disease Control, the vaccine will prevent people from getting seriously ill if they do contract COVID-19 and it will protect others around you. 

The CDC also recommends that when people do get the vaccine they are able to hang out with others fully vaccinated, unmasked and without physical distancing.

Another incentive from the university, students who get the vaccine will be exempt from having to quarantine if someone in their living unit tests positive for the virus, and vaccinated students will not be tested on a regular basis. 

While the single day vaccine drive may be inconvenient for some, vaccines will also be available off-campus for anyone ages 16 and up at Kroger and Walmart in Greencastle, IN. DePauw students, including those who aren’t residents of Indiana and international students are to use their campus address when registering for an appointment. 

The university is also working to have an on-campus clinic only for the DePauw community, but they are awaiting approval, Stevie Baker-Watson, COVID-19 health pod chair, and Julia Proctor, COVID-19 task force chair, said in an email on Tuesday, March 30. 

 But also, once you get your vaccine, please, don’t be annoying about it. Thank you.