Senior Maddie Schroeder says her goodbyes


Senior studio art major Maddie Schroeder stands in front of
her sculpture project “Follow.” PHOTO COURTESY OF MADDIE SCHROEDER

Senior Studio Art and Art History double major, Maddie Schroeder, graciously kisses her time at DePauw goodbye and welcomes her move to Chicago as the next chapter of her life. During Schroeder’s time at DePauw, you could have found her studying away on the third floor of Roy, “where it’s quiet,” or probably in the studio creating something new.

Two of Schroeder’s favorite courses during her time here consisted of Women in Medieval Art, taught by Professor Anne Harris, and Advanced Ceramics, taught by Meredith Brickell.

"This is where I really found my passion in creating the work that I wanted to make,” she said.

Schroeder allowed herself to be at her most vulnerable state by presenting her senior art show with all of campus. 

“I spent my first semester really struggling with what I wanted my art to be about," Schroeder said. "But after opening up about my issue with sexual harassment while abroad in Italy and interviewing dozens of women on our campus who have dealt with sexual assault, I finally found my purpose of exposing this issue, and the art just followed.” 

Schroeder has always wanted to enter the creative work field later in life. Having two artistic majors has been a highlight of her college experience. However, she says the biggest highlights have been the life lessons DePauw has taught her.

“DePauw has helped me with how to carry myself professionally, work really, really hard for what I want and create lasting relationships with people, because they will come back when you need them the most," she said.

Schroeder has loved getting to know the Peeler environment over time. She only wishes that she had gotten involved with the Peeler galleries earlier.

“I just started volunteering this year, and I absolutely love the staff, and helping in curating shows and installation and deinstallation.”

Schroeder hopes to be living with a couple friends in Chicago while working either in the museum/gallery and/or fashion world. Regardless she says she "will definitely be volunteering in museums in my pastime, no matter what I end up doing!”

Accepting that her time as a DePauw student is coming to an end, Schroeder can’t help but “miss the friendly people here. I don't think I can walk anywhere without being late to class because I ran into someone and had to say hi."

“It's going to be a change living in the city," Schroeder added, "but [I] hope to find a company that has a positive environment where I can thrive."