Royal Fever


Folks, the birth of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s, a.k.a. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, baby is getting closer and closer. With a birth announcement likely to come in the remaining weeks of April, the perfect book to currently read is Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan’s “The Royal We” to get into the spirit of things.

While this book clocks in at a little over 500 pages, it is a light, happy read that also serves as a perfect distraction when it’s time to take a needed break from all those papers and tests that come at the end of the semester. “The Royal We” tells the love story of American Rebecca “Bex” Porter and her soon-to-be husband, Nick. He also happens to be Prince Nicholas, third in line for the throne of the British Monarchy. The story takes place over several years once they meet at Oxford University. Yes, this book basically tells the story of Kate Middleton and Prince William, but this is no cheesy Lifetime movie. It’s a lot more fun.

The book opens the day before Bex and Nick’s wedding, but something’s wrong. The wedding might not actually happen now for whatever reason. While the author does not clue us in to what is happening yet besides some blackmail, the reader learns that Bex is a flawed character. She’s not perfect, and is then instantly more relatable. The book then flashes back to when Bex shows up at Oxford for her junior year abroad absolutely drenched in rain. Luckily, someone opens up the door to her dormitory to let her in, and yes, it’s Nick. Pretty soon after, a charming romance starts to take place, but do not worry, plenty of drama will also enuse.

Also included in this very, very loose adaptation of William and Kate’s story is a familiar cast of characters comparable to modern day royals. There’s Nick’s ginger-haired and rebellious brother, Freddie, along with his stoic father, Prince Richard. This book was published in 2015, so there’s no Meghan Markle-like character, but the authors recently announced a sequel called “The Heir Affair” to be published in 2020. “The Royal We” can be found at the Putnam County Library or wherever books are sold, like Books-A-Million.