I don’t drive, and I didn’t realize it was an issue until I came to DePauw. As it stands, all the beautiful sights and wonders of Putnam County Indiana are only within reach if you are behind a wheel. I am an ambitious walker (mostly because I try to reach my daily goal of 15,000 steps),but even I can't walk from DePauw to Taco Bell (it’s a 30-minute walk).

You may be familiar with the Tiger Transit system, run by former Student Government President, JD O’Keane. Unfortunately, it’s been retired. So, for students like me who cannot drive, I’m introducing you to the wonder of public transportation! I recently discovered Greencastle’s rural transit system. This may come as a surprise, but there are buses that can take you all around town. The best part is that it only costs a dollar!

The bus stops in front of the Union Building to pick up students at various times between Monday and Friday. Destinations include Walmart, Kroger and Pizza King. Unfortunately, they don’t have a stop at Taco Bell, but if you get on the bus and ask to be dropped at Aldi’s, it’s only a six-minute walk from there. Do you get the idea?

The Rural Transit system opens the door for many opportunities at a convenient price. The link to their website is here, you’re welcome.