Professor Profile: Mark Kannowski


Depauw University is incredibly lucky to have such a diverse collection of intelligent and hard-working professors. Chief among them is Professor of Mathematics Mark Kannowski. Kannowski has been teaching at DePauw for 30 years in various courses within the math department.

He said he was inspired by his high school math teacher Roger Larson and his college French professor Donna Clementi during his younger years of schooling.

"They instilled in me that learning can and should be fun even though you have to be serious from time to time,” he said. 

Kannowski’s main interest in teaching year after year has been his love of working with people. He genuinely enjoys the process of figuring something out with others, whether it is a math problem or any other obstacle, related to academics or not.

“Nothing beats that 'lightbulb' moment when someone understands and appreciates something new,” he said.

Kannowski is a firm believer in working hard. His favorite advice while growing up is a quote he wishes to pass on to DePauw students: “change is hard, but if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.” He understands that performing well at something that doesn't come naturally can be a difficult task; however, he insists that progress cannot be made unless students power through the hardships and work to overcome them. 

Teaching and learning have always been two of Kannowski's priorities. He hopes to continue to enlighten others for many years to come. When he is not in the classroom, he can be found hanging out with his family and friends, travelling, reading or on a golf course.

“I find fun wherever I am," he said, "and all sorts of things I haven't imagined yet.”