Posner performs to sold out crowd


The line of guests stretched from the entrance of Kresge Auditorium around the corner of the atrium and past the Music Library as students awaited entrance to Union Board's Mike Posner concert Saturday.

According to Lana Colvin, co-president of Union Board, scheduling the concert is the most difficult part of planning, but this semester Union Board did everything they could to try to satisfy students.

"You can't always please every student," Colvin said. "So we have to try to get it on a day where we can please at least most."

Once inside, students encountered fun and energetic music and spotted DJL! on stage hosting a mini dance-off between three students.

Within the crowd, many students talked to each other about the upcoming performances. Students appeared enthusiastic about what was to come.

"I think it's going to be a great time," said sophomore Austin Bonta. "I really haven't been to that many (concerts on campus). [Mike Posner] made me want to come, definitely."

Close to the beginning of the concert, Kresge Auditorium started to fill up fast. As DJL! continued to play music to entertain the crowd before the show, the students became more and more restless with the building suspense of the concert.

"I expect that everyone will have a good time," said freshman Anna Butz. "More than they thought they would. And be really glad they came. People who didn't come will regret it."

Even students from Greencastle High School came out to enjoy the show.

"I love Mike Posner and Wale and all of my friends were coming," said high school senior Faith Fear. "We wanted something fun to do."

As soon as the lights went out in the room, everyone started screaming, recognizing the concert was about to begin.

The opening act, Kelly James, played music typical of his alternative-rock style, and guitar solos got some cheers from the students. Later, he made up songs on the spot using ideas given to him from the crowd.

James received roars of appreciation whenever his lyrics incorporated DePauw themes. In one of his songs, he sang out, "One thing I know is that I love the Tigers!" In another, James sang out, "I f------ rock DePauw!"

James and his two fellow musicians also sang cover songs of popular bands like O.A.R.

A break occurred after James's performance while the stage was reset for the next act. During this time, students were asked to clear the aisles after too many pushed to the front. The aisles needed to be clear as part of fire-safety codes, and security guards stood at the front of the aisles.

Still, many students would not give up their aisle seats, and management threatened to shut down the entire concert if students did not clear the aisles fast enough.

As the lights went out again, the crowd hyped up with the anticipation of a new performer.

Big Sean ran out with his cap and his shades on, with gold chains around his neck, a gold watch on his wrist and a gold belt.

His entrance made many students cheer while others took the opportunity to quickly record or take photos of him on their cell phones.

After an energetic performance and many shouts of "Hell yeah!," Big Sean thanked the audience, told students to follow their dreams, and performed his final songs before heading offstage.

After an additional intermission, Wale came out onto the stage, eliciting another uproar from the audience. He held a loudness contest between different sections of the crowd and even went down into the crowd to perform a song.

He performed two of his most popular songs, "Pretty Girls" and "No Hands."

After the next intermission, three and a half hours later, the main event finally arrived. The crowd came alive once more.

The lights went out and a robotic voice filled the air, counting down the time. A blue light filled the stage and Posner's logo appeared. At this point, the screaming was intense as Posner himself walked on stage.

Posner sang many of his mainstream songs, such as "Please Don't Go," "Bow Chicka Wow Wow," and "Drug Dealer Girl," but he also sang some of his lesser-known tracks like, "Smoke n' Drive," featuring Big Sean. Posner then covered Adele's recent hit "Rolling In the Deep."

Posner also had a good time with the ladies who were in the audience. He went into the crowd and kissed at least one girl, but rumors quickly spread about him kissing multiple girls.

"It was a long kiss," said freshman Christine Webster, who personally witnessed the incident. "He was basically making out with her. Everyone around me wanted to be that girl."

Posner, however, did not sing his most well-known hit, "Cooler Than Me."

Aggravated and disappointed mumbles came from several students, while some people even left. But moments later Posner suddenly reappeared sporting a No. 12 DePauw basketball jersey and began singing the hit the crowd had expected.

During this last song, Posner removed his jersey, much to the crowd's excitement, and then made a heart symbol with his hands. With that, he marched offstage, ending the concert.

Students had mixed reactions after the concert. Still, many found that Union Board accomplished its primary goal of pleasing and entertaining the students for $10 a piece.

"It was awesome and they got us so hyped up," said junior Eilene Ladson. "There were really good acts for the price."

There were also students who left during certain acts to get refreshments or snacks provided by Union Board because they just couldn't get into the music.

"I liked Kelly James, but I thought that Big Sean was excessively crude," said sophomore Allison Jones.

However, there were also a handful of students who simply disliked the concert, not only because of the artists performing, but also because of poor logistics in some students' opinions.

"The wait in line seemed kind of unnecessary," said freshman Alley Lydon. "It took [Union Board staff and security] a really long time to get situated. The doors opened later than we all expected them to."

According to Lydon, the line to enter the auditorium didn't start moving until nearly 6:30 p.m. even though students were told staff would begin letting them in at 6 p.m. This caused some impatience and disapproval from the students.

Other students were upset with the structure of the concert and grew tired of waiting for Posner, especially when he was the only performer they wanted to see.

"A lot of students, including myself, were disappointed because the opening acts of Mike Posner went on for a long while," said Lydon. "They lasted longer than Mike Posner himself and people were waiting for three hours before he even stepped on stage."

While some students decided to stick it out and wait for Mike Posner, others decided to leave early, some impatient, others dissatisfied.

 "I was disappointed in the concert generally," said freshman Rachel Potenza. "[Posner's] music is not that good and he's kind of creepy."

Some students had such great expectations that they even brought their parents with them to the concert.

Sophomore Nathan Mullins said he was excited to see the concert, as he misses many due to conflicts with the swimming team's season. He even got to bring his mother as a guest since the concert coincided with his fraternity's Mom's Weekend.