Pierre and Flores | President and Executive Vice President Platforms


Next year marks the 175th anniversary of DePauw University's founding. Looking back from this historic milestone to DePauw's beginnings as an all-male Methodist Seminary is a testament to our school's growth and progress. Today, 2,394 students at DePauw come from all backgrounds to form a single student body.

We live in greek houses, play in ensembles, run track, eat GCBs, play campus golf, study at Roy O. and every Monon, win or lose, sit down and enjoy pancakes together. These common experiences are timeless, treasured and all too rare. Our platform seeks a more unified, intellectually engaging campus. Our candidacy is the first step towards a larger conversation about who we are, where we are going, and how we ought to get there.

We form one campus, one community. Not only are we students, but we are also residents of Greencastle. From shopping to banking to restaurant options, if we expect the community in which we live to fulfill our needs we must come to understand theirs as well.

If elected, our student government will endorse and implement policies that strengthen ties between these communities because DePauw students deserve to benefit from the perspectives of our neighbors.

We are proud of our individual associations, accomplishments, and personal ambitions, but also proud of what binds us. Our common DePauw heritage and the legacy of our alumni unite us. So should our student government. This platform is an invitation to every DePauw student seeking to shape the next 175 years.