Pictures and pieces at Peeler


After a lot of hard work on behalf of the Peeler Art Center, a new exhibit has arrived at DePauw. The show, Image Transfer: Pictures in a Remix Culture, is a traveling exhibition that opened on Feb. 22.

Director and Curator of University Galleries, Museums and Collections Kaytie Johnson organized the exhibit's showing at DePauw. She said it is an important show because it reflects modern global society.

"The show really addresses what is going on in contemporary photographic practice, and it reflects our visual culture today," Johnson said. "I saw the show, and it's just a smart show. It's really relevant to our world now."

Sara Krajewski, a curator at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, originally created the show. She said her inspiration came from her own observations of current photography.

"Many artists are currently rethinking what photography means and how it functions as well as where it is seen and consumed by viewers," Krajewski said in an email. "Technology has played a great role in this exploration. I wanted to look at how it has changed the way we look at images and how artists make images by constructing them using technology."

Krajewski said she is excited the show is coming to DePauw.

She believes "the questions the show asks strike a particularly strong chord for young people."

Johnson said she hopes people keep an open mind when going to the exhibition because the whole purpose of the show — or any show — is for a viewer to form his or her own opinions and questions about the art.

"There's not one interpretation of any object of art," Johnson said. "Any one can read what they want of it."

Krajewski agreed with Johnson's statement, and both women believe the idea of image transfer is a new style of art coming into play.

Johnson thinks some particularly interesting pieces are the Carter Mull drawings, which actually look like photographs. She said there is only one photograph on the wall, and she wants viewers of the show to try to figure out which one is the photograph.

Senior Brianna Schmall visited the show during the Percussion at Peeler event, and thought the exhibit was very interesting.

"I really enjoy art, and I've taken art classes here," Schmall said. "It seemed like a cool event, and I love the incorporation of different mediums, the way they all come together — it's pretty cool. I love the use of advertisements and the modern take on the artwork."

Johnson said the most important thing to do in the show is to take the time to observe the pieces.

"Spend time," she said. "Every piece in there requires attention. You don't just see it and get it."