Photo Opinion: Valentine's Day

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The temperature is going down into single digits here in Greencastle, and even Valentine’s Day seems to be unable to rise the heat on campus. To most students, tomorrow is just going to be another typical Friday viewed through rose-colored glasses. Whether single or taken, most see the day as an occasion to enjoy themselves to the fullest.


TDP: Do you have any plans for this Valentine’s Day?

Rana Mujtaba: I don’t think so.

Emily Parham : Well, I'm actually hanging out with my friends. We're gonna eat chicken and then hang out in her room and watch a funny movie. I haven't decided on a movie yet but we decided it will just be fun. Not just something romantic, but something funny.

Claire Hubner. Photo by Khanh Pham.

Claire Hubner : I'm having one of my friends come down here and we're gonna hang out this weekend and so we're gonna have a friend’s Valentine weekend so we’re gonna hang out for a while, and yeah I’m excited about that.

TDP: What are most of your friends doing? Are they also spending time with friends or do they have any plans with their significant others?

Kelly Garcia: Some of them hang out, you know, with their significant others, but I know that like the ones that are friends that are single, we'll just hang out together and gotta have fun.

Emily Parham. Photo by Khanh Pham

EP: I have friends who are going out with their significant others. My significant other is not here, he’s in Ireland. So yeah, that’s why it’s gonna be a girls’ night.

TDP: Do you think there are sufficient events on campus for those who want to enjoy their Valentine’s Day?

CH: I haven't really heard of a whole lot of events going on around campus for Valentine's Day. Last year I went to an LGBT Valentine's, like, fake speed dating thing, that was really fun. And there was also this chocolate strawberries dipping thing. 


KG: I saw a couple of things, like DePauw After Dark, but other than that I haven’t seen anything.

Rana Mujtaba. Photo by Khanh Pham.

RM: I’m a freshman so this is going to be my first Valentine’s Day at DePauw. Yeah I think some events would be good.

TDP: Any last words for the students on campus about Valentine’s Day?

EP: I love Valentine’s Day!

Kelly Garcia. Photo by Khanh Pham.

KG: You don’t need someone to have fun. I think with Valentine's Day everybody thinks it’s best to be, like, a romantic love, but you can spend time with your friends and celebrate it.