Last Sunday, October 29, the Vietnam Student Association (VSA) successfully hosted the vibrant Pho’stival. Pho’stival is an annual event organized by VSA to share the distinctive taste of Vietnamese Pho with the DePauw community. More than just a dish, Pho is a source of pride for the Vietnamese people. Through this event, VSA not only brings the familiar taste of homeland to the Vietnamese community but also

Students pose for a photo at Pho'stival 2023. Credit: Anh (Ashley) Le.

shares its national pride with DePauw.

Pho’stival 2023 was organized with a theme reminiscent of the 1990s in Vietnam. “The place had a throwback feel with old-school decorations, and everyone was talking about the homemade Pho – it was a big hit! To top it all off, we had a vintage fashion show. People dressed up in stylish, old-timey outfits, making the event even more lively and something to remember,” Binh Pham '26, the President of VSA, shared.

The preparation for this event was meticulous and thorough thanks to the VSA team. The team dedicated a lot of time and effort to provide the most authentic and flavorful Pho experience for everyone to enjoy. The delicious aroma of Pho, combined with the laughter and joy of the gathering, seemed to paint a warm and more successful Pho’stival picture than expected. In addition to celebrating the flavors of Pho and the warmth of cultural exchange, Pho’stival also had a deeper purpose. The event was not just about savoring the richness of Pho but also about appreciating the cultural heritage and the shared values that bring students together.

Students line up for pho and drinks at VSA's Pho'stival. Credit: DePauw Vietnamese Student Association Instagram.

Without the participation of everyone and the dedicated preparations by VSA, the success of this event would not have been possible. Through this event, VSA showcased the power of culture in bringing people together, creating a stronger and more vibrant community at DePauw. Congratulations to VSA for the resounding success of Pho’stival 2023!