Phi Kappa Psi members move back into house two weeks after flood


After approximately two weeks of living in Bloomington Street Hall, the members of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity moved back into their house last Monday, April 25.

In terms of financial damage from the sprinkler flood, Phi Kappa Psi President Kole Brinegar estimated that the cost was an upwards of $50,000. In addition, Brinegar explained that House Corporation will pursue action against the nonmember who broke the sprinkler, but he was not sure what that entails.

“We don’t want our insurance to pay for it because that would make our premium skyrocket,” Brinegar said.

The process of replacing members' personal items that were damaged in the flood is still in the works since the chapter's insurance does not cover personal items. Brinegar said the University sent out an email to affected students explaining how to go about that process.

House repairs include new ceilings and drywall on the first floor where the flood occurred, new light fixtures, and a replaced sprinkler head for the one that was broken.