“Adopting a senior cat was one of the best decisions I have made.”

Image courtesy of Paige Hart.

Sophomore Bonner Scholar Paige Hart started volunteering at the Putnam County Humane Society because of her passion for building relationships with animals. Hart took away invaluable experiences, befriending many cats and dogs of the shelter, including a new furry friend: Pablo, the seven-year-old Siamese cat.

At first, Hart did not expect to adopt Pablo. People described him as “not the friendliest with being handled.” Giving Pablo a chance, Hart eventually developed a trusting relationship with him and started carrying him without a carrier. 

“He’s a very curious cat and I could tell he had a playful personality... I got to see him come more and more out of his shell, so I started to think about the adoption process. I was so proud of him and his potential,” Hart explained. 

Hart had additional criteria before agreeing to adopt Pablo. She knew she wasn’t looking for a kitten, and since she also has a dog at home, being unbothered by dogs was another important factor. Pablo’s blue eyes, which Hart thinks are the “prettiest,” were a plus. “He’s older but he still has a youthful side to him which I love,” Hart said. 

Ever since Hart adopted Pablo at the end of last semester, the two have started making memories at DePauw. Her favorite memory together was trying to figure out how he always jumped onto her lofted bed, despite not being able to jump high at all. Pablo quickly made a home for himself at DePauw, finding comfort by the windows on sunny days.