Last Wednesday evening, the Richard E. Peeler Art Center became a canvas for a symphony of contemporary rhythms and melodies. The DePauw Percussion Ensemble mesmerized the audience with their annual showcase of contemporary solo and chamber works for percussion titled “Percussion @ Peeler,” under the direction of Dr. Ming Hui-Kuo. Commencing on the lower level of the Peeler Art Center in the University Gallery, the exhibition offered attendees an immersive experience that blurred the lines between art and music. Hui-Kuo, leading the ensemble, curated a one-hour performance that not only showcased musical talent but also embraced the avant-garde spirit of contemporary art.

The show featured a diverse selection of compositions, ranging from structured pieces to improvised performances. One of the highlights was "The Dragonfly," a collaborative effort featuring a poem by Conley Knauff, performed by project leader Macie Arena ‘26 and fellow ensemble members. The synergy between spoken word and percussive instrumentation added layers of depth creating an outstanding performance. Another impressive piece was "Pursuit," a multimedia presentation that combined music with film. George Kolodsick ‘26 and Mukun Zhang ‘24 led the ensemble in a dynamic performance accompanied by a film by Kyungmin Lee ‘24. The integration of visuals enhanced the auditory experience, offering a multi-sensory journey for the audience. Throughout the evening, the ensemble showcased their versatility and creativity, exploring a range of styles and techniques. From the beautiful sounds of "Comfort of the Storm Theme" to the rhythmic complexity of "Suite for Marimba Solo and Four Percussionists," each piece showcased the ensemble's dedication to pushing the boundaries of percussion music. More than just a concert, “Percussion @ Peeler” was a celebration of artistic innovation and collaboration. By bringing together music and visual art, the ensemble demonstrated the power of interdisciplinary exploration and the boundless potential of creative expression. The DePauw Percussion Ensemble has once again proven that the intersection of art and music is a fertile ground for inspiration and discovery.