OPINION: Relaxation tips to de-stress your life during finals


Madison McIntyre is a sophomore communications
and political science double major from Akron, Ohio.

The end of the spring semester is always so bittersweet. The weather is great, okay, it might not be great but its better, and the cusp of summer freedom is so close you can taste it. As nice as daydreaming about summer paradise is, I hate to be the one to remind you that finals are quickly approaching. And for those of you seniors leaving us for the “real world,” I am sure we all have one thing in common: stress. With that being said, I have devised ten ways to de-stress your life!

  1. Exercise. I used to think this wasn’t true, but planning thirty minutes to an hour of exercise everyday can greatly reduce your stress. Whether it’s a game of pick up soccer with some friends in the quad or a quick jog down the street, make sure to get your heart pumping and be active.
  2. Get your jam on. Make a playlist of your favorite songs with a quick beat. The music will help you accomplish homework and get you in the zone. Some people recommend instrumental music, I recommend anything that won’t lead to hours of lip synching.
  3. Switch tasks when you hit a roadblock. We have a lot to accomplish, 4 different classes to be exact. When one class’s work is taking more time than you anticipated or you find yourself not concentrating, switch gears and work on a different project. You’re still being productive and it will let you return to your homework with a new rejuvenation. 
  4. Take 10 minute breaks to do something that you enjoy. I prefer the finer things in like such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and chocolate breaks. The only downfall of this technique is when the ten minute break turns into a ten minute study sesh followed by an hour is Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and chocolate.
  5. Have healthy study snacks. I love chocolate… and cake, ice cream, really anything that’s bad for you. However, when studying and de-stressing, fruits and veggies should be your go to! Just remember, you’re feeding your brain and the key to success is healthy treats.
  6. Organize and have a to do list. This often is overlooked but organizing your week and prioritizing your workload helps you accomplish more and never forget a deadline. Make sure you have a good daily planner and I highly recommend a monthly calendar to plan ahead for tests, projects, papers and social events!
  7. Schedule enough sleep. The almighty all-nighter is not actually that almighty. Studies show that your brain needs time to organize and learn all the information you just spent time studying. It actually is not as efficient to stay up all night and you’ll ruin your productivity for the next day.
  8. Study buddies! Take time to study with other people working on the same project as you or studying for the same test. Talking through the information and quizzing each other will help you remember information in a different and unique way! 
  9. Turn off your phone! I promise social media can wait for good grades & productivity. Don’t just put it on silent! Remove it from your area. Do it now!
  10. Visualize success & believe in yourself. This part is vital! If you believe you can get your work done and be successful, that is half the battle. Take time for positive energy and don’t stress about the little stuff.

Take time to try out these ten tips for stress management and happy studying!