OPINION: PRLNS—The best show at DePauw


Taulbee Jackson is a first-year, intended
communications major from 
Cloverdale, Indiana. 

Jimmy Fallon. Conan O’ Brien. Jay Leno. David Letterman. The names go on and on when it comes to famous late night talk show hosts. Bouncing house bands, funny monologues and special guests run rampant in between the hours of 9-12 at night. I’ve not met a single person who hasn’t heard at least one of these names in my life. These people are some of the most famous personalities in the history of television. Luckily for us here at DePauw University, we don’t have to go all the way to New York to see something like this. 

No sir, DePauw is home to the best show on D3TV. Pre-Recorded Late Night Show (or PRLNS), has a long history of delivering the goods when needed. Shot as a mix between talk show, sketch show, and having elements of SNL with their reoccurring actors, Pre-Recorded Late Night Show is storming the airwaves once more!

There is a “live audience”––the show is recorded before it airs––aspect to the show as well, and if you yourself would enjoy watching the show and being a part of the broadcast, you can go to the PCCM at 8 p.m. on Thursday nights to witness the comical antics of the cast. 

Pre-Recorded Late Night show isn’t afraid to make fun of anything. In the past the crew has openly mocked or parodied everything from the mentor program, Marvin’s Deliveries, Boulder Runs and DePauw’s infamous top 20 party rank. In the past, Pre-Recorded Late Night Show has interviewed alumni, cooks, janitors, and administration. After only half of a season last season, Pre-Recorded Late Night Show is gearing up for another amazing year of hilarity. 

The show is currently four seasons in and is hosted by head writer Jeremy Boyd. The first episode of season 5 kicks off this Thursday night with new sketches, a new mentality, and the introduction of a new house band, Headed by Ben Crider, who is also a writer of the show.