Now you know: David Alvarez


Continuing the series of getting to know DePauw faculty, I had the chance to catch up with Assistant professor of English David Alvarez.

1. I recently presented some original research on John Locke and religious tolerance in his time. I met a bunch of other nerdy 18th century professors at the conference in Vancouver, [British Columbia], which was really clean.

2. I wanted to be a paleontologist until the age of 10, and then I wanted to be a fireman and then a psychologist. I had a fossil collection at the local library when I was younger.

3. About four years ago, I got a Fulbright to go to India and teach. I ate great food, was occasionally sick and enjoyed learning of Indian holidays. I was hanging out with some of the friends in my English department at Delhi University and always asked my friend, "What's this mean?" and, "Why does this happen?" and he always said, "It's about the triumph of good over evil." I realized he was stringing me along at some point.

4. I try to stay on healthy side, so when I go to the Hub, I usually get a hummus wrap with lots of spinach.

5. I have participated in karaoke at The Duck. I would like more karaoke opportunities in Greencastle — that would be good community building.

6. My favorite vacation was when I went to Italy with one of my sisters. We spent a month there and traveled around. We hiked up the Dolomites and brought cheese and bread for lunch because we thought we'd be "roughing it." We had our feeble cheese and bread on one of the mountains, and when we turned around, there was a whole restaurant on the other side. Europeans know how to do things.

7. I use Hulu sometimes to watch "The Office" and BBC's "Life and the World". I love any 18th century period pieces. I haven't had a TV for years, just so I can do different things in the evening, although I'd maybe like a big screen TV for parties.

8. The first music album I ever bought was "The Best of the Village People."

9. I went to a private Christian school and my graduating class was 30. I was Sadie Hawkins King in high school, the dance when the girls ask the guy out. I was captain of the soccer team and I'm waiting for the day when I can face off with Pedar Foss (dean of academic life). 

10. I cook a lot, and my specialty is the Hawaiian steak. I used to throw luaus for my colleagues, mostly in February, because that's when you need one the most.

11. When I was growing up, I was an award-winning paperboy. I got "Paperboy of the Month" and that's when I had chickenpox and my dad had taken over my route, so I can't take full credit for that.

12. When I was 10 years old, I successfully predicted an earthquake. I was interviewed for the fossil collection magazine and since the San Andreas Fault hadn't had an earthquake in a while and there was high pressure, I said there would be one soon. There was one not too long after.

— Klose is a sophomore from St. Louis double majoring in education and communications.