North Quadrangle to be renamed Ubben Quadrangle


DePauw announced today that the North Quadrangle will be renamed as the Ubben Quadrangle in honor of Timothy and Sharon Ubben.
According to a press release from DePauw University, a ceremony will be held on the lawn between Mason Hall and Lucy Rowland Hall on Thursday, May 2 at 4:30 p.m. The Ubbens, along with President Casey and the Board of Trustees, will attend the event.
North Quadrangle is a central location on campus.
"[North Quadrangle] seemed to be the right space," Jonathan Coffin, director of strategic communication said. "It allows us to show respect."
Coffin said the warm weather and presence of the Board of Trustees makes May 2 the best time to dedicate North Quadrangle.
"It allows folks to be together," Coffin said.
The Ubbens have donated $75 million to DePauw in various different ways: the Ubben Lecture series, 15 endowed faculty chairs and, most recently, financial aid money for DePauw students.
University President Brian Casey said the celebratory event will be open to campus and may feature catering from Marvin's, one of the Ubbens' favorite restaurants in Greencastle