TikTok Ban: On Saturday April 20, the House passed legislation that would ban TikTok if the China-based social media owner doesn’t sell its stake within the next year. The bill now goes to the Senate after negotiations have extended the time for the company to sell to nine months. TIkTok indicates that if the law is passed, they would go to court and argue for the app’s importance in Americans’ First Amendment Rights.

US Aid to Ukraine: After months, the House has passed a 95 billion dollar financial aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and other US allies, with overwhelming support. While aid for Ukraine failed to receive support from a majority of Republicans, several Democrats voted against the bill to aid Israel. The bill, alongside the TikTok ban, will go to the Senate for voting.

Haiti’s Capital Under Siege: Port-au-Prince, Haiti, has experienced a sharp uptick in violence as gangs overwhelm the police and the government remains absent. Those who can afford to are stockpiling water, food, money, and medications–all of which have dwindled since the international airport closed down in March. The country’s largest seaport remains controlled by gangs. Phone alerts show the prevalence of gunfire, kidnappings, and fatal shootings–with armed guards surrounding supermarkets. Schools, gas stations, banks, and police remain paralyzed by the violence.

Universal Studios Injury: LA County Fire Department units responded late Saturday, April 20, to The Universal Studios Hollywood when a tram collided with a metal guardrail, causing multiple passengers to be ejected. The highway patrol is investigating the incident, which caused minor to moderate injuries for the passengers impacted. 

Olympic Torch to Paris: The olympic torch spent the night in ancient Acropolis, Athens, last Friday night April 19. A torchbearer lit a cauldron in front of the 2,500-year-old Parthenon temple, illuminating the skyline. The flame is due to reach the port city of Marseille, France, on May 8 before traveling through France for the opening ceremony in Paris on July 26 this summer.

Columbia Protests: Columbia University canceled classes on Monday, April 22, as tensions continue to rise over pro-Palestine student protests, with police arresting 108 student protesters. Police also arrested several dozen student protestors at Yale University Monday morning. Nationwide, pro-Palestinian demonstrators are setting up encampments to protest the conflict.

All information gathered from AP News–an independent, nonprofit news organization.