Recently, Natasha Bedingfield's iconic anthem "Unwritten" made a glorious return to the spotlight through its feature in the recent romantic comedy "Anyone But You." 

The movie “Anyone But You" starring Sydney Sweeney as Bea, and Glen Powell as Ben showcases the enduring appeal of Bedingfield's hit song. In the movie, Ben holds in his heart the song "Unwritten" as his "serenity song" to soothe himself during moments of anxiety. 

One key scene shows Ben and Bea belting out "Unwritten" together after a mishap leaves the two stranded amidst the sky from a flying helicopter. Though the two do not have perfect singing voices, the heartwarming moment underscores the song's ability to forge connections and provide solace in times of uncertainty. The song has turned into an iconic tune representing the dynamics of the two characters' relationship throughout the film, serving as their own song of comfort.

The impact of "Anyone but You" on the resurface of "Unwritten" is evident in the surge in daily views on the song's music video, along with its re-entry into many music charts. 20 years after its debut, the song’s infectious melody and uplifting lyrics still continue to resonate with audiences. This reminds us of similar instances of nostalgic songs regaining popularity, such as Sophie Ellis-Bextor's "Murder on the Dancefloor." As the song approaches its milestone anniversary, its legacy truly remains as unwritten and boundless as ever.