Named like a legacy


While Bomalaski, Cassidy, McClane and Rohm-Ensing are 100% sure they are legacies at DePauw, one student isn't — but her last name suggests she has a deep connection to the university.

Junior Bri Randall-DePauw said most people on campus have weird reactions when they realize her last name is the same as the university's name.

"I've had people just not believe me and say that I'm lying about it," said Randall-DePauw, who has had to pull out her I.D. card to prove herself.

Washington C. DePauw, the largest benefactor to the university — once called Indiana Asbury University — served as president of the Board of Trustees in 1881 and had two sons who attended the university.

DePauw, who has known about the university her entire life, hasn't done enough research to know if she is related to Washington C. DePauw or not. However, she said that if there is a relation, it's probably distant.

Although DePauw never visited campus before going through the college search process, her grandparents made road trips to campus years ago, and her great-aunts and -uncles have attended the Monon Bell game.

When DePauw visited campus for the first time as a prospective student, she was shown the Washington C. DePauw room, which is located on the first floor in East College.

Although DePauw's peers on campus often find her last name odd, she said her family didn't think anything of it when she decided to enroll.

"They just knew it was a really good school, so I think the fact that it was my last name wasn't totally fazing them," DePauw said.