Music Mentions: Up-and-Coming Artists to Satisfy your Spotify

A look almost as good as the bassline. Bassist Zack Kardon sports his bass face during a performance of “Bad Dream.” Photo by Abby Cook

Indigo de Souza, an Indie Rock group that includes Indigo herself as lead vocals and guitar, tears listeners apart in the best way possible. Their most recent album, Any Shape You Take, is emotionally heartfelt and raw, with some dance-worthy pop tracks such as “Hold You,” easing listeners into some heavier stuff, like “Sick in the Head,” which contains harcore percussion portions that transcend alongside fuzzy riffs. As for Indigo’s voice, it’s light and raspy all in one–the kind that can make you want to dance, cry, or both. Indigo de Souza’s versatility appeals to the Phoebe Bridgers stans, Billie Eillish fanatics–even the good ole’ Paramore folks. Need a dose of nostalgia with a fresh sound? Give Indigo de Souza a listen. Then, brag about finding this sick Indie band to your friends. You don’t have to credit me; I won’t tell.

The faces of Indigo de Souza during their show at The Egyptian Room in downtown Indianapolis.