Mulan 2020: Stick to the Classic Instead


The Disney Mulan 2020 remake caused a lot of uproar amongst fans of the 1998 edition of Mulan. However, the new movie has faced a lot of criticism as well, especially around its main lead. I personally believe that people should reconsider watching the newest version of the movie.

A whole generation during the 90’s and 2000’s grew up listening to songs from Mulan, yet the 2020 adaption does not include the music so dear to many. Mulan has always been a female role model who defended the oppressed and always worked for justice. In the animated version of the film. However, in the 2020 remake, Liu Yifei, the actress portraying Mulan, has openly supported Hong Kong authorities in escalating violence among peaceful protestors. It is important to highlight that celebrities and people who are famous have a lot of impact on people due to their huge fan following. 

If a prominent media member is not held accountable for the disregard of human rights violations, is it worth watching a movie and directly continuing to support an individual of that sort? Additionally, parts of the remake were filmed in sections of the XInjiang province where 2 million Uighur Muslims have been forced into concentration camps.

Disney movies have been a source of joy for many generations, but this new version of Mulan will not be for me. With all the moral dilemmas surrounding the remake at, I think I will stick with the version I saw as a kid.