Monon Gameday Outfits

Edgar Garcia Cuatlatl '23 and Leah Smith '22 at 2019 Monon Bell Game. Photo credited from Cuatlatl '23

The Monon Bell football game is one of the few events where students at DePauw get the opportunity to dress up and go all out from head to toe in gold and black. Even though the game takes place in the middle of fall when the temperature is progressively dropping, this year’s Monon outfits will not disappoint.

Since 1890, DePauw students have attended the football game, and one of the ways in which they have shown their adoration for their team and school is through their clothes. Students who have attended the game have shared a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to deciding what to wear, based on their past experiences. 


  • Dress comfortably 
  • Show up and show out in DePauw gear
  • Match with school colors 
  • Add fun accessories
  • Be confident

Senior Laura Alejandre gave some tips on what to wear on the weekend from looking back on the games she’s gone to before. A few essentials that she found most necessary for students to consider implementing in their outfits were to show off school spirit, dress cozy, and remember that, “Whatever you wear, at the end of the day, you're beautiful!”  

For those who have not yet experienced Monon weekend, there is often pressure to dress up for the occasion. In reality, as long as you are comfortable, you will be gameday ready.

“The one thing I can say is that I dressed more for my look than for my comfortability as a freshman. Now that I am a senior, I am just ready to enjoy my final Monon and be cute and comfy! I definitely recommend bringing gloves! My hands were like ice boxes freshman year,” senior Lauren Lilis said. 

The weather and your health can also be reasons to sacrifice style for something practical. Although, regardless of outside factors, there are still ways students can showcase their individuality in a sea of black and gold.

Senior Kristina Mikhailova said, “I will probably wear a beanie with my house's letters, my warm Nike jacket, some tiger yellow socks, and I haven't decided on a hoodie yet. My [sorority] sisters and I are also planning on doing some nice makeup and adding stickers like tiger paws on our faces.”

An added bonus to any gameday outfit that will have your team, peers, and faculty cheering from the field is to bring apparel discouraging the opposing team.

Senior Tsian DeFour added, “I personally love my Wuck Fabash hat and plan on wearing it this weekend.” 


  • Even think about sporting Wabash colors in the DePauw stands
  • Dress in warm-weather clothing
  • Bring a bag (you can’t take extras into the stadium)
  • Wear uncomfortable shoes

There are very few ways for students to go wrong when choosing what to wear for the game.

DeFour said, “I have to say the only “don’t” is wearing red. [Wabash] colors are red, but a lot of other teams in our athletic conference also have red in their uniforms, so it’s kind of a cardinal sin this weekend (pun intended).”

Granted that students prioritize their health and dress accordingly, there should not be many negative outcomes. 

I decided to go to Monon in shorts and I was cold and that’s a mistake I made. Now I know I need to dress comfy,” Alejandre said of a past Monon experience.

Following these students’ advice, gameday outfits are sure to be on point.