Monon Back at DePauw After Two Years


On Saturday, Nov. 12, the 128th annual Monon Bell game will be held at DePauw’s Blackstock Stadium. This year’s game is special because it will be DePauw’s first time hosting Monon in two years. Due to COVID, the game was canceled in 2020, and it was held at Wabash in 2021 instead, so this long-awaited home game is a big event that Tigers are looking forward to. 

According to Bill Wagner, director of athletics communications at DePauw, stakes are especially high this year because both DePauw and Wabash have 6-1 conference records so the winner of the game will be the conference champion and an automatic qualifier into the 32-team NCAA division III championship. This gives Tigers another reason not to miss the game. 

For seniors, it will be their last time experiencing a Monon game. Katie Pham ‘22 is especially excited for this year’s game because she wants to spend as much time with her friends as possible before she graduates. 

“As a senior who will graduate this December, I want to attend the Monon game to get the best experience with my friends, who I know I might not meet very often after graduation,” Pham said. 

Senior Anna McCuaig thinks it is exciting that her class, the Class of 2023, is probably one of the only graduating classes at DePauw that gets to have both their first-year game and their senior-year game at home. 

“I didn’t go to the game last year since it was away and I was still a little nervy with the pandemic. But I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the entire DePauw community come together to support the team this weekend,” McCuaig said. 

For some students, Monon is more than just a football rivalry. Sophomore Kate Pederson thinks that Monon is the coming together of the DePauw community to celebrate DePauw. 

“The Monon Bell Game is one of my favorite DePauw memories. It is a day when current and graduated students, faculty, and staff come together and express our Tiger Pride,” Pederson said. 

Junior Mary Lomahan says she’s a little disappointed that DePauw lost last year, but enjoyed the game regardless.

“I'm most excited to see us win the Monon bell back! I am also excited to see the Monon shirts that DSG gives out to the students!” Lomahan said.

For sophomore Evie Grimmitt, Monon is going to be a special bonding experience with family and a time to celebrate being a Tiger. 

“I’m really excited for the game! I went last year, but this time, my parents are coming so I’m very excited to have them here,” Grimmitt said. 

Tigers, bundle up for the cold weather on Saturday and bring Monon spirit to the game! Roll Tigs!