Meet DePauw's 2013 Graduate Board of Trustees candidates


Every semester a member of the graduating class is selected by the student body to serve as a Graduate Member to the DePauw Board of Trustees for a three-year term. Candidates submit applications to the university and will serve on the student-life and enrollment and admissions subcommittees and are voting members of the board. This year's voting can be done on e-services from Thursday, April 25 to Saturday, April 27.

Sara Scully
Dallas, T.X.

Major & Activities: philosophy major; honor scholar, student body president, Ethics Bowl, peer mentor, Mortar Board, Order of Omega, Phi Sigma Tau member, Student Life Academic Atmosphere Committee member, Pi Beta Phi member

Motivation for running: "I want to take the next step in serving the school, student body and community I love so much. I am confident in my abilities and I will make sure the job is well done."

Goals: "I spent the last four years building relationships with students and I will stay in contact with them over the next three years. I spent all year building relationships with the Board of Trustees and the student life subcommittee of the board. I will go in with a good understanding of what the role is."

As a candidate: "I spent the last four years...thinking about the student experience, and those who contribute to the experience. When I wasn't talking to students I was in the archives figuring out where we came from. I had the tough conversations before: talking about alcohol, greek life and sexual assault. I constantly struggle with these issues. If elected I also would be the first woman in a long time, and would bring a unique perspective."

Naeem Muhammed
New York City, N.Y

Major & Activities: economics major; varsity basketball and football, bonner scholar, Allocations Board member, Alpha Phi Alpha president, presidential ambassador

Motivation for running: "I had the opportunity as a presidential ambassador to interact with the [Board of Trustees] learned what they do and why they are important. I have an idea of what I would like to see here over the next four years, and this position is the best avenue to pursue that."

Goals: "I have a clear cut three stage proposal to put forth if elected. The proposal is directly related to the professional opportunities. [The proposal] would be to expand the professional opportunities. It's nice to see use of the role to enhance the university quickly."

As a candidate: "I'm really passionate about the university. Coming to DePauw from New York City, I didn't really want to be here. But I've grown so much. My passion for the work I would be doing on the board makes me different. I actually want to make DePauw better than what it already is."

Jack Glerum
Kenilworth, I.L.

Major & Activities: economics and ancient Greek double major; captain of lacrosse team, member of Phi Kappa Psi, DePauw college mentor

Motivation for running: "[The position] has an important role on campus you don't often see. It's the best fit for me to give back to the school. I talked to Kreigh Kamman [elected last year] and he thought I would be good. I thought I would be good."

Goals: "It has less to do with I have vision x, y and z. The board is made up of 30-40 DePauw grads who are all successful. It's a more read and react type role. The board wants a 23-year-old perspective who knows the current campus climate."

As a candidate: "I have an intimate understanding of what it means to be a college of liberal arts student. The diversity of experience makes me a good candidate."

Jonathan Rosario
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Major & Activities: political science major; community resource assistant, Allocations Board, Union Board member, DSG chamber representative for Union Board

Motivation for running: "I'm going into higher education and student affairs next year. Bring in another perspective from another school. I have been a part of conversations of student life nature and I want to be a part of a board that makes those decisions."

Goals: "I would be more connected to current students. I feel like I've made connections with various students now I will be able to carry that one-if elected."

As a candidate: "We have an impressive group of people running. I've had a diverse experience with the organizations. I have been a part of conversations that are important for the change in DePauw for years to come."