Lilly construction scheduled to end August or September 2014


Construction fences went up before Spring Break and on March 25, Facilities Management broke ground in front of Lilly Athletic Center. Work on the athletic campus followed, beginning April 1.
"It's been challenging but nothing that is not normal for a project like this," Dave Doell, manager of Campus Project Implementation for Facilities Management said. "We just adjust and move on."
So far, the Lilly project's challenges have been locating underground utility services.
Facilities Management has been digging small holes to find the steam pipes service, chilled water service connected to air conditioning, the domestic water service connected to drinking water, an additional water service connected to fire sprinklers and the underground electrical service.
"All [of the underground utilities] are in the way of the new addition," Doell said. "We've had to relocate all that stuff so we can build the addition."
According to Doell, the Lilly Center expansion and renovation is scheduled to continue until August or September of 2014.
"It's unfortunate that we have to have [the construction] smudging campus for graduation," senior Ian Artis said.
Traditionally, graduating seniors walk on the sidewalk between the Lilly Center and the Julian Center as part of the walk to the commencement ceremony.
Construction will take place during graduation weekend, but Doell said it is his understanding that the sidewalk will be open so the walk can take place as it always does.
However, some students have said that the construction is disrupting their existing commute to class and around campus.
"On the days when they block off College Street to cars, it adds a couple minute delay that can be big for making it to class on time," Artis said.
Senior Jeffery Perkins said the construction work blocking off a small section of Lilly weight room has been affecting his daily routine.
"Workers are working and they are taking up space," Perkins said. "We're inconveniencing each other, us as students and them as workers."
Sophomore Haley Pratt said she recognized the inconvenience of the construction, but expressed hope for the project as a whole.
"It's necessary to improve the campus," Pratt said. "Hopefully it will be worth it."