Lilly Center may receive a face lift


The Lilly Center will receive a new addition as early as this summer, pending the collection of sufficient funds to complete the project.

Student body president senior Charles Pierre walked into a meeting with the new Director of Athletics Stevie Baker-Watson last week expecting to extend congratulations. The conversation quickly turned as Baker-Watson brought up plans for the Lilly Center.

"What was supposed to be a congratulatory meeting on behalf of student government quickly became a brainstorming session about ways that we could start bringing students into the conversation regarding all things athletics," Pierre said.

Pierre said Baker-Watson is hoping to involve students in the planning process and will work with a select group of students on deciding what the new wing will hold and what students hope to see changed in the athletic facilities.

"There is no plan as to what they want yet," Pierre said. "It will be up to the students to decide what they want to see in this new place and that's what's going to happen, honestly."

The proposed addition will have little impact on the remainder of the building, but will jut outwards from the buildings north side, where there is currently an expanse of grass and a patio.

Pierre said students interested in joining the committee are encouraged to contact him directly.