LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Response to Wayne Lela


In Issue 39 of The DePauw, a Letter to the Editor by Wayne Lela in which homosexuality was denounced in several repugnant and ignorant ways was published. For one, I always find it incredible that someone would so quickly jump from homosexuals being able to marry to legalizing incestuous relationships. For another, the downfall of the Roman Empire was not defined by the outward allowance of homosexuals, and it shows true ignorance that someone could draw those conclusions.

But personal opinions aside, I have to question why the Editor-in-Chief at The DePauw would publish a piece written by someone who, first of all, has never attended nor worked at DePauw and, secondly, whose organization—which is based in Downers Grove, Illinois—has been declared by Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-homosexual hate group. Is The DePauw, which is quite obviously named after our university, not for our university's use alone? And, given the recent campus climate turmoil, why is The DePauw sanctioning the words of these hate groups by giving them a voice in our university’s newspaper? And why has there not been a formal letter by The DePauw addressing this obvious blunder in publishing?

By no means am I saying that we shouldn't explore certain difficult or even taboo conversations. We should. But it should be us—DePauw alums, students, faculty and staff—who talk about these topics.


-Cassandra Gherardini
Class of 2015