Letter To The Editor: Let's Honor A Job Well Done


Dear Editor,

Last spring, as part of DePauw's financial restructuring, over 50 staff positions were eliminated, and the people who held these positions, through no fault of their own, lost their jobs effective June 30. These were hard working people dedicated to the mission and values of DePauw.  Some had worked at DePauw for decades, and all fulfilled their job duties conscientiously and passionately. They were valued members of our DePauw community and family.

As I walk around campus this fall, I am saddened by the absence of these former colleagues. I can no longer visit Tavia's office with SRF questions, or talk with Keith about event planning, or visit with Bonnie and Pam in the library, or discuss Title IX policies with Renee, or talk with Julianne about advising; every day I think about someone who no longer has a job here, and am saddened by this. And I suspect everyone who has been at DePauw for more than a few months has similar recollections of valued friends and colleagues who lost their jobs in the restructuring.

Let's not forget these friends and former colleagues, and let's definitely not succumb to the excuse "we're better off without them here." Let's honor their hard work and dedication to a job well done. 

From a financial balance sheet perspective, DePauw may be better off without these people here, but from a human balance sheet perspective I believe we are far poorer. I miss them dearly.


Douglas Harms

Professor of Computer Science