Letter to the Editor


Mr. Lynn's August 21st column brought school spirit back to the campus' attention. While this is a constant struggle, I would like to offer the start of a solution.

Beginning in 1907, DePauw University's musicians have played for their fellow students engaged in athletic competition. Back then, the group was called a "jollification band." Today, we call groups like this pep bands and DePauw has had one ever since the first Old Gold day more than a century ago. The most recent—the Tiger Pep Band—came into existence in 1995 and played at games until the beginning of 2013, when we were asked to stop playing by University officials—a fact that was written about in The DePauw last year.

Since that time, leaders of the Band have worked to bring the band back to campus. The Tiger Pep Band was the preeminent student outlet for school spirit.  We were at every game from pre-game to post-game. Those who could play music did. Those who couldn't play music led the raucous cheers. And, we did it no matter who was winning. We felt a sense of pride in knowing that we carried on the tradition of "DePauw Never Quits" into the stands. 

That sense of environment and outpouring of school spirit seems to be what students like those mentioned in Mr. Lynn's column and Coach Lynch are asking for. So, as we have done since our ability to show school spirit was silenced, the Tiger Pep Band is ready to take up the challenge as long as students are willing to assist us.  

No start-up capital needed as the Band has over 500 pieces of music, instruments, spirit flags, and more waiting for students to lead us into Blackstock, Neal, Reavis, or wherever our Old Gold teams need it.

If interested, you can contact the Tiger Pep Band and Alumni leadership at: www.tigerpepband.org.  You can also follow us on twitter @Tigerbands, or on Facebook at Tiger Pep Band at DePauw University.

Here’s to Old DePauw:
David J. Ziemba, Esq. ‘03
Director, Tiger Alumni Bands