Dear DePauw,

Today, I watched the tears of your students rain from flustered cheeks like the sun showers that once warned sailors of coming storms. Today, I watched as police officers were dispatched like ocean levees in hopes of calming a sea of both aggravated and forlorn students; the same brave students who held on tight to the rails of this academic titanic as the captain himself watched strategically from his lifeboat docked safely across the street.

                                         "O Captain, my captain,"
                              I must say, this is no time for strategy.

Today, my chest became refuge for those who could not bare the exhaustion of swimming. Today, I stood weakened as my peers drowned in the waves of hate you allowed to crash upon our shores. Today, I pray for you, because as I look towards the skies that you have been so very proud of, I can see nothing but the coming of a storm.

Today, we shall use these unforgettable winds to sail diligently into the oceans of tomorrow. A place we will go whether you decide to hop aboard ship, or not.


-Jarius Pierre-Toussaint, sophomore