Letter to our students


We write to you with love, indignation, concern, and hope. Specifically, we write in response to President Trump’s Executive Order, “Protecting [sic] the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States,” which went into effect on Jan. 27 2017. This order suspends U.S. admission for refugees and passport holders from 7 countries. At this time there is a court injunction against this order, although the injunction is partial and temporary, and the Department of Homeland Security has not unequivocally committed to obeying it.

We oppose this order and any attempts to betray the injunction. This is our duty not only as human beings, but also as faculty members at DePauw University, which seeks to create a community of belonging and that operates on a principle of non-discrimination. For our current and prospective students, and fellow staff and faculty, upholding our duties as faculty requires resisting unjust decrees that block immigration and restrict movement from certain countries.

In November we voted overwhelmingly to declare DePauw a sanctuary campus. Although the administration informed us they would not make such a declaration, they have stated publicly that they will not share student records with outside agencies unless required to do so by law (and an executive order is not a law).

We affirm our steadfast support for the rights of DePauw University’s international students, faculty, and staff.

The undersigned faculty and staff,


Aaron Dziubinskyj, Professor of Modern Languages (Spanish)

Alejandro Puga, Associate Professor, (Modern Languages)

Alexandra Chamberlain, Assistant Curator of Exhibitions and Education

Allison Roehling, Assistant Professor of Economics and Management

Amanda Halfacre, Director of Community Standards

Andra Alvis, Part-Time Assistant Professor of Asian Studies

Andrew Cullison, Director, The Prindle Institute for Ethics

Angela N. Castañeda, Edward Myers Dolan Professor of Anthropology

Anne Harris, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Anthony Baratta, Sustainability Director

Austin Arceo, Coordinator of Communications and Special Projects

Barbara Bean, Emerita Professor of English

Barbara Whitehead, Professor of History

Bob Dewey

Brenden Willey, Assistant Professor of English

Brittany Collins, Internship Coordinator

Bruce Burking, Manager of Safety and Risk Management Services

Bryan Hanson, Prof. of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Cara Setchell

Carrie F. Klaus, Dean of Faculty and Professor of Modern Languages (French)

Chet Fornari, Professor

Chris Wolfe, Communications Manager for Academic Programs

Christiane Wisehart, Assistant Director of Digital Services, Prindle

Cindy Babington, Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management

CJ Gomolka

Clarissa Peterson

Clark Sage, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Conner Gordon, Graduate Fellow, Prindle Institute for Ethics

Craig Hadley, Director/Curator

Cynthia O'Dell Professor of Art

Dan Gurnon

Dan Solberg Part-Time Assistant Professor of Art and Art History

Dana Dudle, Professor of Biology

David Gellman

David Newman, Professor of Sociology

David Worthington

Derek R. Ford, Assistant Professor of Education

Doug Fellegy

Douglas Harms, Professor of Computer Science and Bonner Faculty Advisor

Dr. Amanda A. Hopson

Elissa Harbert, Assistant Professor of Music History

Eliza Brown, Asst. Prof. of Music

Emelie Russell, Instructor of Art and Art History

Emmitt Y. Riley III, Assistant Professor of Africana Studies

Eric Edberg, Cassel Grubb University Professor of Music

Geoffrey D. Klinger; Professor, Director of Forensics

Gerald Duane Skoog, Technical Director

Gigi Jennewein, Part-time Assistant Professor of Communication and Theatre

Glen David Kuecker, Professor of History

Inge Aures (Prof. of Modern Languages)

Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jane Cooling Brady Professor of English

Jackie Roberts, Professor of Biochemistry

James Wells

Jarrod Hunt, Assistant Professor

Jeanne Servais, Asst. to the VP

Jeff Hansen, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jeff Kenney, Professor of Religious Studies

Jeffrey Dunn, Associate Professor

Jennifer Everett, Assoc. Professor

Jennifer L. Adams, Associate Professor

John Berry, Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing

Jonathan Nichols-Pethick, Professor of Media Studies

Julia Bruggemann, History Professor

Julie Reed, Registrar's Office

Karin D. Wimbley, Assistant Professor of English

Kate Smanik, Assistant Dean of Students for Spirituality, Service and Social Justice

Kayla Birt Flegal, Librarian

Kent E Menzel, Professor

Kevin Howley, Professor of Media Studies

Kristina Boerger, Director of Choral Activities, School of Music

LaToshia Everson Associate Director

Laura Brumbaugh, Vocal Coach and Staff Accompanist

Laurent Vesely

Leigh-Anne Goins Assistant Professor

Lexy Halpen. Assistant Director of Multicultural Student Services, Coordinator of LGBTQ Services

Lydia Marshall

Lynn Ishikawa, Assistant Professor of English

Lynn M Bedard

Susan Anthony

Mac Dixon-Fyle, Professor of History

Mandy Brookins Blinn, Assistant Dean of Experiential Learning

Marcelle McVorran, Professor of Education Studies

Maria Hristova, Visiting Assistant Professor

Mark Kannowski, Ian M. Rolland Professor of Mathematics

Mark McCoy, President

Martha Rainbolt, Emerita Professor of English

Marthe Chandler, Professor Emeritus

Melanie Finney, Professor, Communication & Theatre

Melissa Petreaca, Assistant Professor of Biology

Melissa Petreaca, Assistant Professor of Biology

Meryl Altman, Professor of English and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Michael Chavez, Campus Living and Community Development Coordinator

Michael Mackenzie, Professor of Art History

Michael Roberts, Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Misti Scott, Secretary Department of Art and Art History, Galleries, Muse

Manickam, Professor and Chair, Dept of Math

Naima Shifa

Natalia Rachford,part-time assistant professor

Natalie Lugg, Admission Counselor

Nathan Kober, Associate Director of Admission

Neal McKinney, Assistant Director, Off-Campus Programs

Nicholas Reynolds, D.M.A.

Nicole Lobdell, Assistant Professor of English

Pam Propsom, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Paul Michael Johnson, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages

Pauline Ota, Associate Professor

Pedar Foss, Professor of Classical Studies

Professor Alicia Suarez

Professor Vanessa Dickerson

Rachel Goldberg

Rebecca Alexander

Rebecca Bordt, Otto L. Sonders Jr. Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

Rebecca L. Upton, Professor of Sociology & Anthropology and Co-Director of Global Health

Rick Provine, Dean of Libraries

Ruth Szpunar

Salil Benegal

Scott A. Hamilton

Scott Spiegelberg

Sharon Crary, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Sherry Mou, Associate Professor

Sujung, Assistant Professor in Religious Studies

Tamara Beauboeuf, Professor of WGSS

Theresa Noble, Music Library Manager (staff)

Thomas King

Tiffany Hebb

Tim Good

Tineke D'Haeseleer, Assistant Professor of East Asian History

Toni M. Robinson, Associate Director of Music Admission

Tony Weinstein, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music

Veronica Pejril

Wade Hazel

William Smith M.Ed LMHC

Yug Gill (Assistant Director of International Student Services)