LETTER: D3TV and The Source on social issues


Dear Editor,

My name is Madison McIntyre. I am a sophomore at DePauw and the incoming General Manager at the student-run television station, D3TV. I am writing to you about the recent social issues on campus.

I would like to start by stating that D3TV is covering this issue fairly and as accurately as possible, similar to every student-run media organization on campus. I am writing to offer the opportunity for all students, facility, staff and members of DePauw’s community to see all sides of the campus climate issue on campus. Last week, The Source, D3TV’s news show, did a special edition and interviewed three DePauw students. They were Howard Robinson, Ia Tserodze and Cody Watson. Our goal is to share each side of the story without editing the words of those interviewed or shading the story and words of everyone involved. The Special Edition is now available online at D3TV’s Vimeo and YouTube page.

D3TV is excited to be apart of the cultural changes happening on DePauw’s campus, nationally and globally. We want to remind everyone that we are here as a journalistic medium to serve you. We encourage everyone to share their stories and opinions without libel or slander. Together, the DePauw community can heal and prosper from this experience.


        Madison McIntyre. Class of 2017.