Intramurals to change schedule


DePauw University intramurals, with the addition of three new sports, will be splitting the second semester into two seasons: an early spring season and a late spring season.

The early spring season will consist of indoor soccer and volleyball, while the late spring season will be basketball and wiffleball. The early season will take place in the end of February and March, while the late spring season will take place in April.

Liz Getz, coordinator of campus activities and alcohol programming, said that she received several requests this fall about having volleyball, soccer and wiffleball, which is why they added them.

“Our intramural sports are driven by student interest,” Getz said.

Getz said that they built the two seasons so that the early season would be completed before midterms and the late season would not begin until after midterms.

“Student participation tends to be lower around midterms,” Getz said.

Getz is expecting at least five teams for each sport, since two sports will run concurrently at a time.

This year will be the first year students can sign up as individuals, and the intramural committee will create teams out of the students who signed up as individuals. In the past, students had to sign up as a team, which is still an option this year.

Getz said that sports could change in the future depending on participation and student requests.

Senior Erika Repass said she thinks she will participate in intramurals more now that there is a wider range of sports.

“I never got really into IM basketball or football,” Repass said. “But I played soccer my entire life so now I feel more inclined to play.”

Senior Cole Taylor, captain of the 2018 intramural basketball championship team, is concerned that participation in basketball will decline since it is pushed back to April.

“It’s frustrating that IM basketball has been moved to April,” Taylor said. “It’s usually during basketball season which makes it timely, and I think academics gets busier toward the end of the semester, which is concerning.”

Registration for the early season ends on Friday at 5 p.m. Registration is only open for the early season.