I’m Going To The Gym So You Can Too


Are you thinking about starting 2020 off with getting your body in shape? Looking for the best times to go Lilly, or wanting to try a fitness class? If your answers are yes to any of these questions, I’m going to the gym so you can too. 

If you have morning classes and want a workout after, Lilly is the ideal spot for you. At this time, Lilly is at its emptiest, and there are many open machines to work out on in the main gym. Fitness classes are also available at noon the earliest. The great part about noon classes is that most students are already in a class at that time. If you have afternoon classes and want a workout, Lilly will be bustling with energy with students who have been dismissed from classes for the rest of the day. Afternoon fitness classes are filled too, and few, such as indoor cycling, have a signup sheet for students.

Lilly has eight types of wellness classes available for students to try. From the indoor cycling classes to yoga classes, there are many options in terms of what you want out of your workout, the times that work best for your schedule, and whether you’re a beginner to the fitness lifestyle or a veteran. Based on experience, the indoor cycling classes have proved to be an excellent workout for your whole body and muscle endurance, all while leaving you feeling great after. 

Lilly isn’t a scary place once you start making a habit of attending classes there. Don’t be shy to try something new, whether it is a fitness class or simply working out on your own. Since I went to the gym, it is time for you to go too.