How to be a great spectator at Little 5


1. Go to the right place to watch, cheer, etc.

White encourages spectators to support their riders and enjoy themselves near the finish line between Bowman Park and Julian to listen to the DJ. He said any area surrounding the course is open, but the area near the finish line will be the most exciting.

"We're going to have music there so hopefully things will be a little bit more concentrated there so we can up our security at that spot rather than around the whole course," White said.

  2. Don't drink at the race

The main concentration of spectators will be near

academic buildings (where drinking alcohol is prohibited) and four Public Safety officers — along with four Greencastle Police officers — will be patrolling the course.

Further, White said that should spectator behavior become too rowdy, the riders they are supporting might be up for disqualification.

"Just don't drink at the race. I really don't care if people

drink before the race or whatever, I mean I know they're going to,"

White said.

  3. Use designated crossing zones

Designated crossing zones will be established at various

crossings throughout the course in order to help prevent accidents. White emphasized the importance of using these crossing zones in order to promote rider and spectator safety. Spectators who fail to use strictly designated crossing zones could face legal troubles if an accident occurs.

"This year just because it's on the street, there's going to

be like designated crossing zones ... so people don't run the risk of being some place they shouldn't be or things like that," White said.