Hobbies: do something for yourself


Quite often, I meet people that have a lot going on in their lives: school, jobs, activities, planning for the future, etc. These days, it seems that we fill our days and our lives with so many things to get ourselves ahead in the future, that we aren't really spending our own time doing things that really make us happy.
For me, I realized this last year when I was so caught up in filling my time with what I thought would be good for me that I wasn't having all that much fun. I was under the impression that I needed to join "this" club because it would look good on a resume, and that I needed to become an important member of  "that" organization because it would help me to gain connections later in life. And of course, these activities are good to consider when getting involved around campus and elsewhere.
But it is also important to think about yourself.
So, one day, I got so fed up with every minute of my life being scheduled with things I had no serious interest in. I decided to take a few minutes and play with my camera. Ultimately, this led me to one of my favorite hobbies in the world - photography. I have since then, dedicated my money, my time, my Facebook and a large part of myself to my favorite hobby. And it has even allowed me to get involved in photography opportunities on campus - something I am actually interested in.
The point, however, isn't that everybody should take up photography. My hope is that you will ask yourself the question, what are you doing for yourself? Are you spending your time trying to do the things that you think you should be doing, or are you dedicating your time doing things that you truly enjoy? The difference between these is so immense and worth the self-evaluation.
Photography allows me to get behind a lens and be completely careless. Photography pushes me to get creative, it challenges me to get outside of normal, everyday thinking, to express myself.
And the coolest thing: my hobby is something that I can use on campus.
It isn't necessary to busy our schedules with activities that aren't bringing us happiness and places to feel comfortable and productive. What is important is that you really think about the things that you like and that you enjoy, and you apply them to your life.
How can you use your talents and hobbies to benefit others? How can you use them for a campus organization? What do you enjoy and how can you fill your time with things that bring you happiness?
In the end, the time you spend making yourself happy will be much more rewarding than spending your time doing something that you only heard will bring you happiness.

- Brinker is a sophomore from Stevensville, Mich., with an undecided major.