Here’s How to Register to Vote


If you’re voting this year (which you should be), listen up: voter registration in Indiana ends today, Oct. 7 at midnight. If you’re not an Indiana resident, the voter registration period likely also ends soon.

For Indiana residents, you can visit the Indiana Voters website to register. It’s a quick and simple process: you only need a valid driver’s license, permit or State ID card. Even if you think you’re registered, you should check your registration status by visiting the Indiana voters site.

For non-Indiana residents, the website provides a great resource to find your state’s voter registration. Some states, like Oklahoma, require you to register by mail, while most states have an online process.

If you can’t get home to vote on Election Day, you’ll need to start looking at applying for an absentee ballot. This database will help you find the details on your state’s absentee ballot policy.

Although 2019 isn’t a “big” election year, voting is still important. Your town, city, county or state could be holding elections for offices that affect your life as much as the big presidential race.

Follow these links, do your research and exercise your right to vote.