DePauw Health To Change Next Fall


Beginning fall 2019, students will be required to provide proof of primary health insurance in order to receive services from DePauw Health.

According to the DePauw Health website:

“While most DePauw students are covered by a health insurance plan, some students do not have family coverage or their insurance plan has barriers to accessing care such as high deductibles, limited coverage for services received outside the health plan’s service area or an absence of participating providers in the Greencastle area.”

The school has partnered with Education & Institutional Insurance Administrators and United Healthcare to provide insurance for all students at a premium of $1,721. According to the American College Health Association, the average premium for student health insurance falls between $1,500 and $2,500. If students have existing healthcare either individually or through their guardians, they may waive the school-provided insurance by September 1.

There will be no change in the level of student care at the DePauw Health and Wellness Center, and all co-pays and fees not paid for by an insurance plan will be waived.

“The only downside is that it’s not counted or factored into financial aid. But I do think that for those students that don’t have insurance, it will be a great thing as long as they can afford it” said DSG president, Marianne Martinez.

For students who cannot afford the mandated insurance, one-on-one meetings with athletic director, Stevie Baker-Watson may be arranged to find a solution along with financial aid.

“I just want to make sure that students are paying for such a service and getting the proper resources at least that are at face value of what they’re paying,” said sophomore DSG senator, Sam Vanderveen.

The new insurance will offer basic standard health coverage, including mental health treatment and medical treatment for students with HIV and transgender students. The plan does not include dental or vision benefits.

According to the DePauw Health Website, international students may not waive DePauw’s provided insurance unless their current plan meets or exceeds DePauw’s plan. Student-athletes may have additional requirements.

Students without social security will also be able to purchase an insurance plan normally offered to international students.