Half of East College blackboard stolen in latest vandalism


Saturday night the blackboard on East College lawn was vandalized by an unknown individual.
The blackboard now only occupies half the original space.  The other half of the blackboard looks through to the other side, now more like a window than a board. The time of the incident is unknown.
Angela Nally, director of Public Safety, said there are cameras placed around campus to help with investigations. A camera in Harrison Hall scans Burkhart Walk and Emison Galleries, one points toward the Hub from East College and one monitors the Anderson St. entrance.  Public Safety officers patrol campus on foot and in cars.                
The breaking of the blackboard is one in a string of vandalism acts recently on campus.  Another recent incident involved the scattering of empty cans of Rolling Rock beer on the front of the Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media and Natural Light cans thrown in bushes by Gobin United Methodist Church. 
“Looking at all this trash and destruction – it sure doesn’t put our best face forward, ” Nally said.
Public Safety’s investigation is ongoing.