Gift Allows Counseling Expansion


DePauw Counseling Services is expanding campus outreach this semester, thanks to a gift from an alumna and her husband. 

Martha Robes ‘66 and Dana Robes finalized their donation in April, with the intent of improving mental health and wellness aspects of student experiences, said Steven Setchell, vice president for development and alumni engagement.

Setchell, along with President Mark McCoy, worked with the couple to identify needs in the DePauw community and ways they could help.

“The reality today is  that students benefit from support networks and counseling, beyond co-curricular career advising,” Setchell said. “There’s a definite need for mental health and wellness support services on our campus.” 

“Martha and Dana Robes really just wanted to make a difference,” McCoy said. 

Trevor Yuhas, director of counseling services, said the Robes’ gift has already had a tremendous, positive impact. 

As a result of the donation, Counseling Services hired Malorie McGee, who will serve as a full-time mental health and wellness educator on campus beginning next week. 

McGee will head social media accounts and counseling events. She will also  spend time with students to identify their needs and how they’d like those needs to be met.

Counseling Services will also launch a free online platform within the next two weeks, courtesy of the Robes’ gift. This platform will provide self-help resources, psycho-educational tools and therapy modules for students to access. 

“I’m happy to be able to do this and it helps gets our message out and helps create some awareness and visibility,” Yuhas said. “The focus is on reaching students better, more efficiently and differently.” 

The gift also allows three doctoral trainees to work with  Counseling Services this year, as well as off-campus experts. Among these is an Indianapolis psychologist who will come DePauw to discuss mental health, diversity and multiculturalism, said Yuhas. 

The Robes are known for their humility, and did not respond to The DePauw with a comment. 

“This particular case was an alum who really did not want a lot of recognition for herself,” Setchell said. “It’s deeply gratifying to see alumni and friends step forward and meaningfully address the needs of our students to help ensure their success.”