Getting ready for DePauw’s ‘prom’ season


Extreme Tanning has been packed the past few weeks. Morning, noon, and night, it makes no difference. Saturday afternoons are packed with day trips to Plainfield and Broad Ripple. The ladies on campus are extra flirty at their favorite nighttime hangout, and the boys walk around with an extra spring in their step. This means only one thing…

It’s prom season at DePauw.

Yes, I know, with the exception of DeProm (which wasn’t quite a prom, if you ask me…) and a few students who kept their underage sweethearts, there is thought to be no prom in college. But, let’s all be honest with ourselves about how wrong that thought is. If it dances like a prom, dresses like a prom, and parties like a prom, chances are it’s a prom. Call it what you want, we all know what a “formal” really is.

Step One: Land the perfect date

Lady Tigers left and right are dying to be asked to that one formal. Whether it’s to be with members of their favorite fraternity, or because they are convinced that the senior from biology class winks at them each Monday at exactly 8:36 a.m., the special invitation to an out-of-town retreat is coveted. 

To add to it all, many of the men on campus have gained a cockier attitude. For some, that’s nothing new, but for others, this temporary ego-boost derives from the power they now hold — their choice of over 1.000 beautiful DePauw women who are dying to get dressed up and dance the night away. But don’t worry, I have full confidence it will end when finals week rolls around again. 

Step Two: Look fly

Sunless tanner is basically sold out at Walmart as the campus (men included) sport an eerie shade of terra cotta. The library is low on Jillian Michaels DVDs, the weight room of Lilly is packed with sweaty guys, and elliptical machines are full anytime after 7:30 a.m. A new burst of motivation to keep our glistening spring break bodies comes forth with “prom season,” and the evidence is all over campus. 

In addition, women shop for the perfect dress — and dictate wardrobe choices to the men — once dates have been chosen. While matchy-matchy tuxes and long gowns are a little absurd, patterned ties and brushed hair are probably required by all “lady friends.” As long as no one thinks a corsage is back in style.

Step Three: Get a room

Literally. You probably have to get a room at the fancy hotel for your desired event with your closest friends, but if your plans are to party the night away, is that really a problem? So pack your overnight bag, hop on that charter bus, and get ready to frat in the real world for a weekend. The good news—you don’t have to lie to your parents about that hotel room. The bad news — that big city’s version of Public Safety are called police officers, fully uniformed with night sticks and tazers, and they are much less understanding.

— Sharlow is a freshman from Powell, Ohio, majoring in voice performance and communications.