Get to know our Editorial Board | Editorial 8/18/2017


Hey everyone! Glad to see you all back or glad to meet you all! We are the new Ed Board of The DePauw and Similar to the way that DePauw broadcasts statistics about its upcoming class, we want to do that about ourselves-partly because we are narcissistic, but also because we think it’s important to know who brings you your news.

    Our editorial board is made up of all women. We are all kind of nerds, especially about the newspaper or the news. Three of us are English majors and one of us is a Communications major. Two of us are media fellows. Two of us are minoring or majoring in another language. Three of us have (or will have) studied abroad.

    One of us rides horses, and in the summer teaches horseback riding. She can quote the entirety of The Goonies and obsessively watches The Labyrinth to see David Bowie (RIP) sing and dance with glitter. She is really good at knowing when flash sales are happening at various online stores. This same editor also has a large collection of decorated notebooks and reads “Pride and Prejudice” at least once every year. Aside from her work at The DePauw, she watches dog GIFs and loudly sings Bohemian Rhapsody in the shower.

    One of us is obsessed with cats, fuzzy blankets, and naps. In her spare time she crafts, knits, and binges Netflix. Her go to shows on Netflix are Parks and Rec, HIMYM, and the Great British Baking Show. She also enjoys baking sweets in her free time which she did a lot of when she was abroad in New Zealand last semester! (She loves hearing stories about abroad adventures so hit her up with those). She loves to read so much that she worked at a library for over two years and even hopes to turn reading into a career.  

    One of us paints and draws in her free time. She is also passionate about poetry, activism, and politics. Her favorite TV shows are Parks and Recreation, Rick and Morty, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She collects stickers, and pictures of animals (send her pics of your pets please). She loves discussing ethics and winning arguments. She lived in Nice, France (aka the best place in the world) for a month this summer. Her favorite musicians are Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Solange, Father John Misty, Vampire Weekend, and Childish Gambino.

    One us hates fake flowers. But she is also interested in the political and humanitarian implications of worldwide conflict. Her favorite TV shows are Brooklyn 99 and Gilmore Girls, before the revival. She hums Somewhere Over the Rainbow when she is nervous. She played the flute. She’s hit three people with her car, all of whom walked away. She has moved seven separate times and lived in six different states. She has been to 9 countries, six of which were last semester alone. She is deathly afraid of butterflies.

    And that’s us. We can’t wait to get to know you all!