Fourteen ways to respond to hate speech

  1. Ignore it. These groups want an audience, without an audience they just fade away. 
  2. Don’t take them seriously--do you think they speak the truth? If not then let it go, laugh and walk away. We give them power when we engage them. 
  3. Think about what the haters want--and then do everything in your power not to give it them. 
  4. Counter posters: you’ve probably see signs that say “I’m with stupid” or “god hates figs”. Be creative
  5. Fundraise--set up a pledge campaign for the community with pledges to donate to an LGBT cause. Additionally, set out a jar for donations that go to help people escape religious cults. Find your cause. 
  6. Campus wide Boulder Run that goes past the haters. 
  7. Make your own signs--make a big sign that is sex-positive--other signs that offer correctives to the hatred of the group. 
  8. Loud, but good, music. Bring out the drums, and the brass--let’s have a mardi-gras parade! 
  9. Counter protests--prepare costumes (Rocky Horror anybody?) and when they show up, get in costume and speak your truth. 
  10.  Let’s put out signs, now, that proclaim our opposition to those who would infest our community with hatred. 
  11.  How about PDA on the sidewalk--a good old kiss-a-thon. 
  12.  Prepare a response plan. Greek houses, dorm floors, other housing units, put together a plan for how you will respond the next time to these ass-hats return to campus. Organize. 
  13.  Talk to people, let them know that the campus is united against this kind of intrusion and hate. Work with one another, hell, make it a competition to see who can have the best response.
  14.  They want anger, give them tranquility.