Enjoying your summer with some high-profile musical performances


If you're living in or around the Indianapolis area this summer, you're in for a real treat.  A long string of big-name music acts will be stopping through Indy, giving the city what might be its best summer concert season in years.  As someone who usually relies on the stature of Chicago to bring in high-caliber bands, I'm starting to look at Indy as a near-equal alternative. Here are just a few of the acts to look forward to.  Prices are considered estimates at time of publication and may fluctuate.

The New Pornographers

When: April 22

Where: Vogue Theatre – This is not a misprint.  The New Pornographers play in Indy tonight with The Walkmen.  The concert starts at 9 p.m., so if you're reading this before 8 p.m., there is still hope.  Tickets are $25.  Good luck and God speed.

Arcade Fire & The National

When: April 27

Where: The Lawn at White River State Park – With two of the biggest names in indie rock today, this will undoubtedly be an exciting concert.  Last time I checked, tickets were still available, though they are roughly $50 a piece.


When: May 15

Where: Egyptian Room – After seven years of near silence, CAKE released "Showroom of Compassion" in January and are now touring in support of it.  Tickets are $47. 

The Black Keys

When: June 10

Where: The Lawn at White River State Park – The Black Keys formed in 2001 and have been slowly gaining popularity while refining their soulful blues-rock sound.  Now a Grammy-award winning band, they will rock your socks off for the price of $45.

Iron & Wine

When: June 10

Where: Vogue Theatre – If on 6/10 you'd prefer a mellower atmosphere, you'd be better off seeing Iron & Wine.  Unfortunately, tickets are sold out for this show, but where there's a will, there's a way.

Umphrey's McGee

When: June 25

Where: The Lawn at White River State Park – Indy's going to get it's jam on when these guys come to town.  Get ready.  Tickets are $35.

Florence + The Machine

When: July 4

Where: The Lawn at White River State Park – There's hardly a better way to spend Independence Day than with this recently discovered indie-rock sensation.  With the inevitable firework show, it will definitely be worth your $35.


When: July 22

Where: Vogue Theatre – While Interpol may not be making records of the same caliber as they used to, they are still a great act to see live.  Tickets are $29.

Wiz Khalifa

When: August 2

Where: The Lawn at White River State Park – Wiz Khalifa and opener Big Sean should offer some relief to those tired of hearing about indie rock acts.  Tickets are $45. 

Bright Eyes

When: August 4

Where: Egyptian Room – This may very well be the last time to see Bright Eyes perform live, though I doubt it will be the last we hear of Conor Oberst.  Tickets are $40 with The Mountain Goats opening.

The Decemberists

When: August 5

Where: The Lawn at White River State Park – Always with something new to show, The Decemberists are a must-see for anyone who loves a good melody.  See them in their prime for $35.


When: August 23

When: The Lawn at White River State Park – Come 8/23, it'll be time to paint your face, don some glitter, brush your teeth with Jack Daniels, and go see the carnival of crazy otherwise known as a Ke$ha concert.  Tickets are $50, Jack Daniels not included.  


When: August 29

Where: The Lawn at White River State Park – A favorite among college students, Guster will show Indy a good time with their catchy pop-rock.  Also, if you didn't catch Jack's Mannequin the two times he came to DePauw, he's the opening act.  Tickets are $37. 

— Pannekoek is a senior from Chesterton, Ind., majoring in English writing.