Engage in search for new dean


The School of Music is currently in the process of searching for and hiring a new dean.

Sessions have been opened to both School of Music and College of Liberal Arts students to participate in this process – one that is key to the success and operation of an important part of this campus.

This opportunity should not be missed.

Within the School of Music this is an incredible moment. The School of Music has a prestigious history. As one of the oldest private institutions for music education, we hope that the school continues to excel and innovate.

 We hope the new dean accommodates diverse student needs, increases musical opportunities in the school and community, and makes him or herself visible and accessible to all students.

We would like to see a dean who is interested in the development of the university as a whole, particularly if it means increasing communication and collaboration between the two colleges.

Sometimes, however, it's easy to forget that what goes on in the music building does not need to stay in the music building.

The school of music is the reason we maintain our status as a university.

Currently the two schools can seem like separate entities. They differ in admission, course selection, graduation requirements, and undoubtedly a significant portion of the experience at DePauw.

So, it can seem difficult to understand what a new dean for the school of music can mean for the university.

We see this change in leadership as an opportunity to bridge the School of Music-College of Liberal Arts gap. While coursework may be separate, the two schools have many opportunities to collaborate.

Perhaps this could mean more shared classes, more promotion of concerts and recitals outside the Green Center, or a more general appreciation for the talents of our peers and their efforts to share.

We hope that the new dean inspires students both within the music building and outside. A more sociable dean could mean that music performances and events are more accessible and interesting to all students on campus.

Keeping the goals of "DePauw 2020" in mind, it is important to consider how the School of Music, and the new dean, will contribute.

Between now and the year 2020, we look forward to achieving uncommon success by way of musical and artistic collaboration with a traditional liberal arts education.

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